Technology Services

ValuNet xsp automates workflow and compliance processes, freeing up capital, staff resources and time.

ValuAmerica provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of real estate information products that are high in quality at industry leading turn-times. These software products will enable our clients to identify, select, and monitor the performance of vendors providing services in the real estate and mortgage industries. All of which is made possible by utilizing our award-winning technology platform, ValuNet xsp.

Our technology was developed for the real estate lending industry, by industry experts, and the results speak for themselves; the platform is intuitive, efficient and available on the web to your staff, clients and vendors 24/7. Through unparalleled customization options, ValuNet xsp gives lenders and service providers the ultimate freedom in creating a perfect fit with their technology. Take comfort in knowing that your ValuNet xsp platform achieves the highest standard in data security, and that you have technology on your side in supporting your compliance efforts. Finally, tap into any of our number of integrations with reliable, vetted service providers, and consolidate your workflow efforts into one platform.

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